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"Welcome to Sacred Rites! Thank you for stopping by the website and thank you for taking the time to read up on our policies. My hope is that you'll find SR to be a place to call home. We're a guild of integrity, friendship, fun and of course excellent players. We're a guild comprised mostly of small groups of RL friends and people we've met along the way in WoW who were looking for sharp players in a low stress environment. We're currently working new content and instances. Our members are working on Acatraz, Karazhan and Shattered Halls keys as well as gearing up in new instances and helping each other move forward. If you're looking for a fast track to uber gear or cutting edge raiding you wont find that here. What you will find is movement through content at a steady pace fit for people who have lives, goals and ambitions outside of the game as well. What that means is, we expect our members to be active, on point and mature when you're playing, but that we recognize there's definitely room for a life outside the game as well. Thank you again for taking time to read our specific policies. I hope to see you in the game!" LLSR Dreary
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